Hi welcome to my new website.
Blogging is a new experience for me!

I hope to add regular update about my work and exhibitions I might enter.
Currently working on some line and wash paintings of British wildlife.

Welcome to my 30 day drawing and painting challenge.

The purpose is to raise money for local charities so if you would like to support me in this please donate via this link. https://www.justgiving.com/rotaryclubofleominster

Hope you enjoy and are inspired.

Each day I will post an image and once a week a video showing the drawing being produced.

At the end the drawings will be auctioned to raise additional funds.

Day 1; Apple blossom, a pencil crayon drawing of blossom from one of the trees in the garden.

Day 2; Daily visitor, this robin comes to visit the bird table several times a day. Watercolour pencil with pen and ink line work.

Day 3 ‘Gracie’ a line and wash drawing using fine line pens.

Day 4. Meerkat in the Kalahari. A line drawing with an light wash of colour then overdrawn with watercolour pencils.

Day 5, ‘Pointy’ a fine line pen drawing with coloured pencil.

Day 6, the first Iris in our garden. A line and wash with coloured pencil additions.

Day 7; ‘Pushy’ another sheep!! This one is a line and wash.

Day 8; Primroses in the garden. A fine line pen drawing with watercolour pencil and watercolour wash.

Day 9; Hellebore. A fine line pen, wash and watercolour pencil piece of a Hellebore in our garden.

Day 10; Meadow Knapweed, fine line pen and watercolour pencil. produced from a set of sketches made in a wildflower meadow.

Day 11; ‘Billy’ another sheep from the field! This one is a coloured pencil drawing.

Day 12; The last Daffodil. This is the last remaining daffodil in the garden it is still in bloom at the moment. A watercolour pencil and wash drawing.

Day 13; Bluebells. A line and watercolour pencil drawing made from sketches and photographs taken in local woods.

Day 14; Lambs at croft. A fine line and coloured pencil drawing taken from some sketches and photographs.

Day 15; Small Tortioseshell, this little butterfly landed on the wall and I just had enough time for a photo. Draw with fine line pens and watercolour pencils.

Day 16; Half way through my challenge!! It’s been a busy week. Dropped my pictures into the TWASI exhibition on Wednesday it starts this weekend. Heres the link if you want to find out more. https://twasi.com/2020-annual-exhibition-information/

Todays picture is Red Campion, a fine line and watercolour pencil piece.

Day 17; Rabbit in clover. Fine liner and coloured pencil drawing of a regular visitor to the garden.

Day 18; Coot, saw this Coot rushing across a local river in pursuit of another Coot! A pencil drawing.

Day 19; Red eyed Bulbul, we have seen may of these little birds on our trips to Namibia they are inquisitive and not troubled by being near people. Fine line and watercolour pencils.

Day 20; Billy Goat. I’ve sketched this goat several times and thought it would make a good finished drawing so here it is. Line and wash using masking fluid for the Cow Parsley.

Day 21; Comfrey. A fine line and watercolour pencil drawing of this delicate little flower.

Day 22; Peacock Butterfly, a fine line pen and watercolour pencil drawing of this lovely butterfly that came and rested briefly next to our pond.

Day 23; A regular visitor to the garden. Line and wash.

Day 24; Aquilegia, This beautiful plant grows all over the garden. A line and gouache wash.

Day 25, House Sparrow. A regular visitor to our bird table, this male sits on the roof and twitters away constantly!! A Fine line and watercolour pencil drawing.

Day 26; Blue Iris, a fine line and Gouache image.

Day 27: Lupin, the Lupins have started to bloom in the garden. A fine line pen Gouache wash with watercolour pencil detail.

Day 28; Clover, a fine line and watercolour close up of this intricate little flower.

Day 29; An unexpected visitor! This young Nuthatch arrived near the bird table one morning, closely followed by two adults and two more young. Fine line pen and watercolour pencils.

Day 30, the final day of the 30 days! Bee on a scabious. Fine line pen with watercolour wash and watercolour pencils.

The full size image. I was not sure about the amount of green space so here are a couple of alternative crops
Post box style
Or a simple square.

I hope you have enjoyed all these images and I hope to continue with regular posts soon.

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